Hebrew sources


  1. Proverbs in both English and Hebrew, with Rashi’s commentary on Mishlei (chabad.org).
  2. Teach it to me – a list of Jewish books, including a commentary on Proverbs – Peirush Mishlei, in Hebrew :-(.
  3. Makor Hachaim – mp3-s on Proverbs
  4. Nafshi.org on Proverbs
  5. Orthodox Union on Proverbs
  6. TorahAnytime.com on Solomon
  7. Lashon Hara in israel613.com

See also Strong’s Hebrew on:

  1. Tushiyah – sound, efficient wisdom, abiding success; sound advice



  1. Peldabeszedek – a http://judaizmus.blogspot.ro/ weboldalon